All tours are on pause for the remainder of 2020

Calabogie Exotic Car Tours

This tour is with 3 cars.

We are proud to announce, in partnership with Tom Irwin's Adventure Tours , an exotic car tour in Calabogie / Lanark Highlands area. Drive three amazing exotic cars. The Gallardo, Ferrari F430 and Nissan GTR.  Our tours will be guided by Tom himself with a lead vehicle and will make several stops to allow drivers to exchange cars and take photos.  Tom has over 40 years of Motorcycle racing experience including 5 Canadian Championships. He's one of the best guides you will ever meet and he always takes fun to the next level. This is going to be a drive you will never forget.

Beginning at Calabogie Motorsports Park, the total drive will be around 120km, driving through scenic and winding roads of hwy 511, Tatlock Road and beautiful downtown Perth.

The exotic car tours are on pause for the remainder of 2020 #staysafe 

To book the Calabogie tour, call (613) 362-2670