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Calabogie MotorSports Park has partnered with 1morelap.ca to provide even more fun and affordable 2-hour lapping nights every season

Track is green from 5pm to 7pm. These are only lapping events, that means no timing, no racing, no trophies! Respect the track and each other! Open to street cars and race cars.

Point by passing only and no run groups. You go on and off the track as much or as little as you like. Bring your friends and family, we keep it fun and never say no to passengers.

We look for experienced and safe drivers, that doesn't mean you're fast. That means checking your ego at the gate, keeping your line and knowing how to pass and let the pass happen safely. We're all here to have a fun nite!

We have room for some novices and can provide instruction when notified well in advance to a limited few. However, this is not a school, if you have no experience this isn't the best nite for you. We're CASC-OR instructors and always promote the Novice/Inexperienced program offered by www.calabogiemotorsports.com and their CMP Lapping events.

Along with the schools provided by our friends in The MotorSport Club of Ottawa and the BMW club of Ottawa. The driver mod is the best mod any car can get!

Greg van Dalen
Greg van Dalen
Calabogie Business Development Manager

Proud Member of the MCO since 2003:

  • CASC-OR Lic RoadRacer
  • CASC-OR Lic Instructor
  • 2015 CASC-OR 2nd overall GT Challenge
  • 2015 MCO Rookie road racer of the year
  • 2014 Three time race winner
  • 2013 and 2012 GT1 Champ At CMP
  • 2013 MCO Annual Ach. Award winner
  • 2012 MCO AWD Ice Race winner
  • 2012 TracknTime fastest lap winner at CMP
  • 3rd Place 2008 Maple Leaf winter Rally
  • 2008 Order of the Halda-MCO
  • Former Board member of the MCO
  • Former Rally Director of the MCO
  • GT Competitor since the first race 4 years ago
  • Ice racer at MCO and Minden.
  • ChumpCar 2013- we finished!

Organizing over 130 Motorsport events since 2003.

Including SnowCross, AutoCross, TSD Rallies, Lapping days at CMP and SMP.

We've been holding private lapping nites at Calabogie since Oct 2006 with our friends at midnightruns.com A group of automotive enthusiasts with a passion for all cars and a take it to the track mentality. We're very excited to bring our show to the public and welcome meeting new friends at the track. See you soon!